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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Qi Gong?

The gentle practice of Qi-Gong (means energy work and is pronounced Chi-Gung) is often referred to as the art of effortless power, or the art of effortless flow that can transform stress into vitality. Practicing daily has the ability to quickly improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. In this class learn to coordinate your breath with flowing movements and “knock” on key pressure points to energize and relax you at the same time. You will feel the difference right away. Qi Gong also helps you tap into your own self-healing abilities and better handle anything that life brings your way.

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

EFT involves stating intentions and affirmations as you tap on key pressure points along the meridians of the body. Meridians are like rivers of energy flowing through your body. It helps you release and let go of stress or any resistance and can do so pretty quickly. It has now been proven that the amygdala of the brain responds to the tapping. For some it has transformed a debilitating condition into pain-free living. People have also been known to manifest more abundance in their life as they practice it. I teach a more positive solution-based EFT versus the traditional EFT practice. Tapping and intending how we wish to feel and what we want in life is a wonderful way to transform negative emotion to positive emotion, without the need to focus on what is unwanted, other than to acknowledge and honor how we feel. It’s easier to let it go that way.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful technique of hands on energy work (and/or off the body) that reduces stress and promotes healing and personal growth.  It can help alleviate pain, insomnia, anxiety and much more, as well as give an empowering feeling of wellbeing.  For Reiki Training: In Level I attendees will receive an attunement to the first level of Reiki, learn the self-treatment and treatment of others, and learn the Reiki Power symbol.  The attunement further opens your inherent chakras in the head, heart, and hands, and activates a chakra cleansing cycle.  This can also be used to treat your pets! Level II and III and Teacher training continues to level up your attunement and knowledge of Reiki and the symbols. Take one level or all and receive certification to practice or teach from Wishmore Wellness. In a classroom or your home.

What is LOA or the Law of Attraction?

In simple terms, it’s all about our energy and the power we have to create our truth. What we frequently or consistently think about creates a belief and an e-motion or energy in motion. And whatever we focus on we get more of. Where our attention goes, energy flows. Whether that’s attracting something good or not so good. But it all serves us. It helps us know what we want or don’t want. So that we can adjust how we are thinking or feeling about something to create better-feeling emotions to attract better-feeling experiences. And it begins with us. Our relationship with ourselves or how much we value ourselves sets the tone for all our relationships and life experiences. Consistency in practicing the feeling of joy and appreciation is the key, along with holding a vision of what we want and feel how it feels to have it. Or just focusing on anything that lights you up. Like a magnet, our desires become a part of who we are and must become our reality as we energetically connect with them. Connecting to your heart energy or soul is a good place to begin.

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