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Set Yourself Free & Be Happy

When you’ve brought your mind and body into harmony with the natural free spirit within you, you allow the wellbeing to flow, and when it flows all good things come your way with effortless ease. The possibilities are limitless. This is only the beginning and you’re moving forward and upward on your journey of life!

I hope you take the next step to your greatest joy & wellbeing. I’m confident this is a perfect place for you to begin…

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1:1 Coaching Program

Add fourteen 1:1 coaching sessions to The 100-Day Course: Create the Life You Wish For

Fourteen 1:1 Coaching sessions with Susan, along with (or without) the audio/video tutorials, all specifically designed to help you free your mind and body of stress or pain, increase your energy, and master your inherent ability to attract anything you wish! Find out more about the program here: Work With Me!

$1,280 | An intensive 14-week 1:1 Coaching program with the 100-Day course audio/video sessions, to provide an in-depth personal transformation.
$680 | Option 2 – 100-Day Course with BIWEEKLY 1:1 coaching.

1:1 Coaching (14 Sessions) with the 100-Day Course

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1:1 Coaching (Bi-Weekly: 7 Sessions) with the 100-Day Course

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1:1 Online Coaching – Individual Sessions

Individual sessions available to anyone interested in discussing a positive solution for a current issue or general concern or begin a series of in-depth sessions to allow a personal transformation. The sessions are held via Zoom video call; other options are available based on your preference (phone/skype).

$ 125 | 60-Minutes **

1:1 Coaching with Energy Work

We will work together on getting you to where you want to be in terms of how you feel. This session is meant to help you take charge of how you feel and create a shift in your mindset and energy. You can practice what you learn at home to maintain a better-feeling place. It begins with a discussion on a current issue and desired outcome, followed by a positive form of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique: tapping on pressure points while stating intentions) for any current issue and ends with a personalized guided meditation. If desired, the Reiki method of healing energy, along with quantum touch is used during the session. I will ask that you be resting or laying down as you receive it. Reiki is now being used in many hospitals or wellness centers and has been found to promote emotional and physical healing, conscious awareness, and positive transformation. It often continues to work in the hours or days following a session. Click here for Reiki Certification information (to become a Reiki Practitioner or Master/Teacher).

$150 | One 60-Minute Session with (if desired) Energy Tapping/Reiki/Custom Guided Meditation Session

Offered via Zoom or Skype video conference.

I absolutely loved my reiki session with Susan.  When I initially scheduled the session, I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t had much experience with reiki.  I didn’t have any expectations, and I certainly didn’t expect to actually feel anything physically during the session.  I was very surprised when I could actually feel where the energy was blocked in my body, and I could feel when it was un-blocked.  The session was extremely relaxing, and I felt amazing afterwards.  Susan has a wealth of valuable knowledge to share with her clients; I learned a lot from her and she is truly inspirational.  She also tailored the session to my personal needs, and gave me personalized “homework.”  Susan is very skilled at what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to energy work.


Included in the 100-Day Course

Qi Gong with Affirmations for Self-Healing, Energy, and Inspiration

The gentle practice of Qi-Gong is one of the easiest and fastest ways to naturally increase your energy and improve your physical and emotional health. Illness occurs when energy is stagnant or blocked. By balancing your energy and ensuring it flows freely throughout your body, you are able to restore wellbeing, as well as better handle anything that life brings your way. Learn to coordinate your breath with flowing movements and “knock” on key pressure points to increase energy and relax you at the same time. You will notice the difference right away and feel more mindful throughout your day. Includes videos on; 1) Qi Gong for Energy, 2) Qi Gong for Relaxation & Sleep, 3) Qi Massage for Detoxing & Balancing Energy, and more.

Included in the 100-Day Course (Coming Soon)

Guided Meditation

Simply visualizing and feeling as though you are energetically aligning with wellbeing and your heart’s desires can have instant results. The sequence of steps offered in these guided meditations is specifically designed to position you to become a vibrational match to your desires.  Includes audio sessions on; 1) Healing & Harmony of Mind, Body, & Spirit, 2) Love, Appreciation and Acceptance, and 3) Guided Meditations for Manifesting Your Wishes, and more.

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