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Wish*More Wellness’ Mission is to help as many people as possible reconnect with their divine nature and powerful ability to heal, to love, and create the life they wish for.

You are meant to be living in the joy of who you are and thriving with energy, free of worry, fear, and pain. I struggled with this for 25+ years and finally “set myself free” by learning simple yet powerful ways to keep myself in a blissful state of wellbeing. And not just during a half-hour yoga session; it’s a way of life from morning to night. Once I found a way to remain in this wonderful feel-good place, I knew I had to help others get there MUCH faster than I did.

After 10+ years of research and training and trial and error on dozens of natural healing techniques and working with the Universal Laws, I believe I’ve found some of the most proven effective techniques that work and completely transform your life.

I am a Free Spirit, Coach, Speaker, Writer, & Lover of Life

My name is Susan Balogh and I followed my true calling to be a Holistic Healing & Happiness Coach and Energy Healer. I can say that my journey has been an interesting one and it keeps getting better. After 20 years of working at a hospital as a program coordinator, I was ready to leave and follow my heart’s desire.

Since 2010 I became certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Qi Gong Instructor, Happiness Coach, and attended training in Tai Chi, Tao Yin Yoga, EFT Coaching (Emotional Freedom Technique), Meditation, Acupressure, Reflexology, and Hypnosis. I’ve been offering classes, coaching and energy healing sessions, and workshops on the Universal Law of Attraction, as well as speaking at wellness events for nearly ten years. This past year I took a 6 month RV road trip around the US and Canada and offered mobile donation-based classes. Loved it! My home base is in Western New York near my family, but more trips are ahead for me.

In my years of teaching experience, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients achieve relief from multiple physical and emotional issues, as well as leave them empowered with the self-healing tools needed to maintain their good-feeling place.

My wish is for everyone to live a life that’s happy & struggle-free. I know it’s possible if they:

  • Learn and practice a few powerful self-healing and manifesting techniques
  • Practice a new invincible mindset until it comes naturally to you
  • Understand (and believe) that you have the ability to create your reality
  • Understand (and believe) that the body has the ability to heal itself
  • More importantly, YOU have the ability to heal yourself
  • Know that once you learn and practice the concepts, the proof is in the results

The key is knowing what works, but the magic happens when you take a couple simple steps;

  • Stop ignoring your body’s signals and start paying attention
  • Be willing to do whatever it takes
  • And stop thinking small; you don’t have to just take what comes to you in life. It’s time to start purposely creating the most amazing life you can imagine!

I’m interested in learning what Holistic Healing & Happiness Coaching can offer!