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Hello! I’m Susan Balogh. I decided to leave my hospital job of 20+ years to follow my dreams and only do what I love to do. That meant selling the house, buying an RV and traveling around the country, offering donation based teaching. By that time, I received training and certification in Qi Gong, Reiki Master/ Teacher, EFT and happiness coaching. Best decision I ever made! But that was just the beginning…

I then became an author with my own publishing company. Admittedly, I have not been much of a salesman in regards to selling my own books and courses, but I feel newly inspired to spread them far and wide, for I keep hearing from people how life-changing it has been for them. It’s helping them with anxiety, depression, self-love, and improving their relationships, and more. It truly thrills me every time I hear from someone.

Thank you for helping me spread the word!

My Passion

I love being in the right place at the right time, and spreading joy and wellbeing to others, whenever and wherever possible. I want people to know the power that lies within them to create any life they wish to live.

I have an undeniable passion for intuitively guiding individuals and groups in classes or workshops or retreats, in practices like law of attraction, energy work, breathwork, meditation, and Qi Gong. And always in the most fun and easy way.

That’s my confident self talking. The one that creates change. The one that knows the gifts she has to offer. And I want you to see your natural born energy and gifts in action as well. It’s your true self. Your powerful self. The one you love the most. Just waiting to be set free. You may already feel that freedom but want to practice feeling that way more consistently. That is what I would love to help more people do.

What I wish for you…

To know more clearly what you want and then to consistently practice the feeling of having it. Your wishes and dreams become a part of who you are and you are able to attract them. Whether it’s a big dream, or simply to have the best-feeling life. Connecting to yourself on a deeper level leads to having the best-feeling life, and that leads to all your desires falling into place. Effortlessly, comfortably, happily, wonderfully, and harmoniously. The way you deserve to live! There’s no need to seek or yearn for your wishes and dreams. You know it’s coming. You know that solutions, ideas, and opportunities are on their way to you. Wonderful things are always on their way to you. At the best possible time in the best possible way. You feel able to move forward with faith and purpose. It feels like setting yourself free. Like never before…

Wishing you so much more joy and freedom,


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