Qi Gong Classes in WNY – at HUM Yoga & Sound in East Aurora

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Qi Gong is considered the art of effortless power and is felt to transform stress into vitality.

Duration : 75 MIN

The gentle practice of Qi-Gong has been called the art of effortless flow and can transform stress into vitality. It is felt to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to naturally increase your energy, restore balance, and improve your physical and emotional health. A moving meditation, this class gets any stagnant or blocked energy flowing again. It can also help you better handle anything that life brings your way. Learn to coordinate your breath with flowing movements and “knock” on key pressure points to increase energy and relax you at the same time. To close, enjoy a guided meditation, intention practice, and a bit of sound healing. Email suebalogh@wishmorewellness.com if you would like to host a class in your home.

1 review for Qi Gong Classes in WNY – at HUM Yoga & Sound in East Aurora

  1. Melissa

    I feel so good after Susan’s Qi gong classes! After a session focused on relaxation, I slept so deeply and felt incredibly positive for days after. It felt like magic, and I wanted to feel that good more often. Susan is very knowledgeable and has such a relaxing presence, great experience in so many ways.

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