Practice wishful thinking and change your body’s energy. Change your energy to attract everything you wish for.

With every breath I take, I am  more healed, refreshed, and energized.  Try saying this to yourself slowly as you take each breath; as you wake up, as you fall asleep, while meditating, waiting in the doctor’s office, or standing in the grocery line. You will begin to feel better all the time. If you practice doing this, it will soon become natural for you. This is just one example of what we can do to create a healthier and happier life for ourselves and those around us. Even if you already feel that you are a positive thinker, we can all use a reminder at times.

Everything we say, think, or feel, subconsciously or not, is what our mind hears and our body responds to. Our health is directly affected by our thoughts and actions. If you knew that changing your way of thinking about yourself and others would make a powerful impact on your success in life, including your career and personal relationships, would you be willing to try it?

Even those with a tendency to think pessimistically will not be able to deny the effects of this practice of wishful thinking. How we began thinking negatively in the first place can be put behind us with the practice of redirecting our thinking to Wish*More Wellness. The more we practice, the more natural it feels, and the more peaceful and accepting we become. You will then begin to naturally attract more positive events and outcomes into your life. It is a wonderful thing!

And it’s free. You need a few things: Your words, your imagination, and practice. Thoughts are all in your mind, and who else but you has control over them? Well, our subconscious can get in the way with negative thoughts at times, and that is why we need to practice wishful thinking. Again and again until it comes so naturally that our entire being is vibrating with positive thoughts and energy. Left only to attract what in your life,  you ask? What you wish for, of course.

Free your spirit with me, won’t you?

With Love and Light,

~ Susan